I have done quite a few things today that I have not done for a while, including writing a sober blog that was not a catch-up.

I have not yet filed my tax return, but should do tomorrow, and I have not paniced at all about it. A big change from previous years. I also had to send evidence of saving to the dole wardens.

It was a sunny day today, and while not warm enough for a t-shirt, it was warmer than it has been. I posted the evidence and decided to walk down to the library for the first time in weeks, and do some research for no other reason than interest; a first for many long months.

I read up about Baildon in William Cudworth’s 1876 Round About Bradford. With the help of large scale maps from the late 19th Century, and a collection of old photos, I reckon I worked out quite a lot of stuff that has been puzzling about the area.