The next one of these will probably be written on my new Acer Aspire One netbook. After, I think, close to 2 decades of Apple I have got Gated windows, 7 in this case. Apart from having a pointless Android start-up option, and both Thunderbird and Windows Live failing to work properly with btinternet, it seems the beans. It will take a while before I discover how much I can do with it, and I doubt it will totally replace the ibook, but I can now travel kilos lighter than before.

I went to pick it up from Huddersfield; and while there discovered the Grove (see last post).

Must mention clouds like searchlights sweeping the sky above house that the sun was setting behind, which me and Bev saw on a very short walk around the top of her estate (that’s housing estate, not a landed estate, or Toyota estate) on Sunday.