Two bits of shocking but ultimately good news.

Got a message today from one of my oldest friends Hugh Herzig. He was in hospital over Christmas for a possible life threatening brain heamorrhage. Thankfully it turned out to a relatively rare and benign kind; but he had to go through a lot for that to be decided.

Also got a phone call from my mother to tell be she has two stomach ulcers, both at an early stage. Since Robin Warren and Barry Marshall proved ulcers are nearly all caused by a bacterium (Helicobacter pylori treatment is easy; and the ulcers explain a lot that has been going wrong with my mother.

I have been doing chores, mostly without intending to. The biggest was sorting a bedroom, started by trying to match some socks. I ended up pairing between 40 and 100 odd ones, and only 4 were mine, and revealing long covered floors in the process.