It is definately going to be a year of changes for me, or possibly accelerating changes.

Saw the old year out with Bev, she opened the door to let the new one in and I went out in my underpants to first foot her, carrying a piece of slat from her garden.

Earlier I had talked to an interesting man in Wetherspoons called Gavan about all sorts. What with the heavy beer with him and the Cava with Bev it was a well oiled day.

Next day Bev’s ma came around and I did well, despite not being at my freshest.

I have spent a few days carrying stuff backwards and other stuff forwards. Bev now has one of my old printers and the new microwave from Lidl, and I have her old microwave. I used the old one mostly fro coffee and defrosting, but if I do end up doing a teaching course, or even working, it will be doing that a lot.