December 2010

Don Van Vliet, aka ‘Captain Beefheart’ has died in California. I got to know his music through the late, and much missed, John Peel. Favourite LP is Clear Spot, which is also his most accessible.


It is cold, and when it is cold and I am in my own house I generally keep to the bedroom, that being easier to warm than the room downstairs. It is not a warm house and has no central heating. While installing some would add value to the house it makes no sense otherwise. I doubt a central boiler could heat two rooms in a house any cheaper than plug in fires, and I have so longed lived hand-to-mouth that the thought of heating hardly used rooms would send even more shivers done my spine.

I have finally sorted out this year’s Christmas card, after many revisions. I will attempt to post on my site, and maybe facebook, within a week. I am behind-hand with posting but I seem more laid back (apart from swearing when the wrong image prints) than I ever have been.

Went to sing carols last night. It was a first for Baildon, and organized by the local churches. It was nice, though the band played too fast.

Brought the shin scraping sack-trolley back from Bev’s this morning. I had used it to shift her old washing machine months ago. It is better than nowt, but is old, soft steel Chinese, weighs more than most of the things it carries, has bolts that work loose with a breath, is easier to carry than wheel over any distance, and needs a lump of wood between the wheels before it can carry anything wider than itself; and it also now seems I will have to take it back to Bev’s.

Having trouble getting an image of this year’s bradwan Christmas picture. Both scanners have issues with it that require more carving on the image, and no method of downloading from my camera works (and I have spent several hours trying). I wanted to do the thing without using adobe but the next version will be the 12th attempt and will be built from the previous 11 and a new scan.

Saw Bev dancing with Wayzgoose in Otley on Sunday, and at that group’s social in Leeds yesterday. She started with them at about the same time we started actually going out, and is growing in confidence with their dancing and the group.

The possible Return to Teaching course is worrying me. There is a bursary that would make me slightly better off than the dole, before expenses, for 10 weeks, but payable in two payments, both in arrears (possibly 8 – 10 weeks for the second one). I could try and stay signing on, but would then probably have to surrender the bursary. It’s a sod.

There are a few other things adding to my teeth grinding; and while I am on teeth the one my idiot dentist tried to fix for the fourth or fifth time barely stopped giving problems, though not painful ones.

I have done two versions of the bradwan10 Christmas card with slightly different versions of the picture and poems. I will post both on my bradwan site soon.

Applied for a creative practiticner post. This is a bureacratic ratpit scheme that is supposed to get creative type into schools, which pays the people who run the scheme and artists that can fill in forms with lots of meaningless buzz=words.

Met Bev’s colleages at their works down on Friday, at Fanny’s. We got fresh and the orchid I bought was left behind, but one of her mates is looking after it.

Went to see Bev dancing with Rainbow in Haworth yesterday. Many tourists were taking pictures of her grand-daughter in her morris dancing outfit.

Rainbow danced at four places going up the main street and lead a procession down to where everyone sany carols.

One stopping point was outside the snotty new cheese shop, where one of the women came out and swore at them. It was probably for the best that I did not hear her as I would has offered my own suggestions about her, her attitude and how to do her job.

It was a nice day though, and if you park in the official carpark (£4 a day but you wont get clampedand charged £70 by the scumbucket that owns the private carpark) you pas lots of farm animals on the short walk to the High Street, and can do chiocken, sheep, goat and horse noises; and there is a good chance of seeing cats afterwards.

It was a clear and comparatively mild day. The skies became really dramatic come sunset time as well.

Curriculum Vitae

Glyn Watkins B.ED (Hon).
Born 13th September 1960.

Contract via his website at

Glyn is a poet, writer, showman, publisher and artist; with a wide range of skills and abilities; in terms of both creation transmission, and marketing. He has been a teacher; a company director; and runs his own business (as a sole trader, trading under the name bradwan).

Glyn was a primary school supply teacher for over a decade, and has taught older age groups. He has also run various workshops in schools, including writing and illustrating for publication, book and poster creation, manufacture and marketing. He is also a professional storyteller. 

Glyn manages the content and layout of a series of websites under the bradwan banner. These have varied topics and use internal and external links, and tagging.

His first book was hand made, then published with a Business Start-up Grant. Entitled Walburgas. forgetting – forgiving, with poetry and drawings. The book was bought by the National Poetry Archive.

The majority of his published poetry is in the form of event linked literature, and/or web housed material. He was also commissioned to write poetry for the Icarus Press Art of Trees 2008 calendar.

Glyn’s best selling book, so far, is The Wayne Jacobs Little Red Head Book (red headed footballers and the mysteries of red hair) As bought by ex World Cup footballers and Ministers of State.

He was the cultural editor for the Stedders Football and Real Ale Guides, and has written for Southern Railways On Track magazine.

Glyn was involved with Bradford Playhouse for over a decade, on stage and back stage.. He is a member of Bradford Disability Support group’; is actively involved with his inner city parish council.

Glyn has created, produced, directed, and marketed multi media shows; including Walburgas; Curry & Kipling; Old Rhyme Music Hall (at South Milford); The Little Britton Festival (celebrating Thomas Britton, the musical coalman of Clerkenwell) and and a show featuring the F.A. Cup at Bradford Cathedral for Remembrance Day 2009.

Some quotes about Glyn Watkins

“…thank you for the splendid ‘Walburgas.’ “ – Kenneth Branagh.
“You’re not to spoil him.  He’s to pay full price!” – Ken Branagh’s secretary.
“It reminds us of the work of William Blake” – Mark Russel, BBC Radio 3.
“You’re poems are cool man!” – John Wheeler of Hayseed Dixie,

Furthest I’ve been is the front step. Burned picture for the bradwan Christmas card with just one burn to self, sawed it to size, and did a poem which might do. Also did housekeeping on this laptop. I do slate Steve Jobs, but this ibook is still doing the business.

I need to record a mutton stew made at the weekend which was one of the best stews I have had. The mutton came from John Kearns Butcher on Shipley marketplace.

Also: thank you Martin for your nice comments.

Judging from what my mother tells me, and the small bits of news I get when I am in my own house, Bradford has been quite balmy (to go with the barmy, which is its usual status). The snow has been melting very slowly but quite steadily. The nights were supposed to be far below zero but I have seen no evidence.

I came home yesterday to discover that instead of unplugging the biggest fire and plugging in the smallest I had unplugged the fridge-freezer and plugged in the smallest fire.

A few things had just about thawed, more partially so. I spent most of the rest of the day, and a lot of today, cooking things as they thawed and freezing them when cool. I am also eating as I go along. Seeing I freeze mostly meat it’s like an Atkins diet, but with added starch.

I have managed to get my BT mail going. It was the fault of the Thunderbird mail-server program I was trying to use. Once I switched back to my old mac mail it was fine. I have been trying to use GMX but I still cannot upload my address (e-ddress?) book, and I discovered people have been complaining about that on GMX for years!

I got a bill from virgin (are shit) media charging me for line rental up to 2nd January. My contract ended 2nd Dec. and I was not able to use the internet via their cable for the previous 3 weeks. It is a thieving, lying scum company.

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