A good Christmas. There may be this year’s card below, though it is 23.00 on Christmas night so there is a fair chance it wont work.

I cooked Christmas dinner, which was roast sirloin of beef and Finnish roast mashed potato, but with added swede, carrots and nutmeg. Afters was a bought in steamed chocolate pudding. It all went down brilliantly well, and even dad’s moaning was reduced to two or three.

In the afternoon I fitted the new toilet seat, which was easy, after taking the old one off, which was a job. I was surprised at the positive reaction; dad declaiming the glory of the new throne.

For supper I cooked welsh cakes that ma made.

I painted Bev’s portrait (the first time I have tried portraiture) for one of her presents (the others included a washing-up bowl). She thought I had captured her smile, it’s just a shame I could not be there to see it.

<Bradwan 2010 Xmas card linking to larger image.