Did two shops today and would have got all the essentials, apart from spicy nuts, if it was not for the fact that the cans of Greene King IPA I bought at Sainsburys was the vilest shit of a canned beer I can remember. I would have taken the can I opened back to the bar if I had bought it in a pub. I will be taking the 7 cans back, Greene King IPA draft has been taking the piss for years by only being drinkable if the pub was willing to mature it in the cellar, coz the brewery sent it out green, but canning under brewed shite with a yeast infection is not good.

At the end of today’s first shop I had well over 20 ibs (10 kg) of shopping in my bulging rucksack plus a plastic bag with chocolate in. I got a bus back.

As per normal after 9.30 ,ost of the passengers were old, although being Christams Eve they had double their normal shopping, ie a whole pint of milk and two tins of cat food.

I put my rucksack on my lap to leave the seat by me free, because I always do. The last one on the bus came to the seat by me and looked at the old bastards sat around me. Every single one was sitting in the aisle seat with their piddling shopping on the empty seat beside them. She obviously realized I would struggle to squeeze past her if she sat on the one by me, and glared at the tossers around me, but not one of them moved. The leather clad old cunt behind me with the long ‘rock star’ grey hair being the worst.

Come my stop, the bus had to wait several minutes while the lass by me got up and I struggled. I do wish I had made some comment, but I had barely the breath to get off with. The closer I get to being old people the less I like them; and I will probably have to live to 70 to get the free bus travel that allowed the gits on the bus today to occupy a seat for nowt.