Forgot to mention the massive bird of prey that took off from a field south of Newark as the train passed. Turned out to be a red kite.

The new bradwan Christmas card is now on my website.

Last night I had a half day bed holiday, the fourth or fifth in recent times, but the first where I was not woken by internal warfare. Also managed a massive backpack shop with 3 buses and a bit of walking today, so I guess I am alright.

Got my first Christmas present by accident. Mam has been house bound by the snow and cold so I bought a vest and long-johns set for her to give to dad, but could only find a medium and XXL size, and she had already declared that he already had too many clothes that hung on him like a sack. To be sure of the fit I modelled them, the idea being that if they were loose on me they would fit dad fine. She declared that they fitted me so well they were now my Christmas present, which is good as there a dirty great hole in the long-johns I am wearing. I had also got sherry, so the mam-dad present is sorted.

Also bought enough potatoes, cheese, crisp and crisp like snacks, and ginger wine for Christmas, and almost enough continental sausage. Am still short of cooking oil, spicy nuts, chocolate, beer and new toilet seat (one of which will be a surprise present for my parents, I’m good with gifts me).