Lots of different things over the last few days with Bev. Saw her grandson Sam playing for Bingley Juniors (he did well, and scored a goal); her granddaughter and family stayed Saturday night. We also did some sorting. The only down side was that a few were poorly, including Bev today.

Yesterday we went to the launch of Dave Pendleton’s book about Bradford City before the wars. It was a nice event and I met up with a lot of people I hardly ever see since I stopped going to City regularly, but there were some odd things; including John Dewhirst, who introduced Dave, saying that the booked showed that the formation of Bradford Park Avenue was a disaster for Bradford, a city that never had a chance of supporting two professional football teams. The odd thing was that I was the first one ever to write that, in the City Gent a decade or more ago, and John damned what I said, and I think did so libelously, in the next issue (and Dave was the then editor), it is neither here nor there now, and hearing my words repeated shows folk and change there minds given time.

The other odd thing was that the junior game was more enjoyable to watch than any City game I have seen for years, and it cost nowt.