Despite a tiring night I decided not to have a sleep on Megabus, so as not to traumatize with my monumental snores and worse. However there was a gobshitting, middle-class mockney wanker talking on his mobile very loud for the whole journey. I was too tired to go and talk at him, so increased the coach discomfort by retreating to sleep.

Watched a big flock of goldtits from the top of East Midland parkway carpark. They do seem to be getting quite common, but are both cute and good looking, so there will be few complaints

Forgot to mention that yesterday I made piccalilli for the first time, using Bev’s microwave and cheap veg, mostly bought in Shipley market. The recipe is from a Cockney Cookbook which was a birthday present from Bev (along with Welsh, Finnish and Yorkshire cookbooks). and is one of the most useful I have owned. It has simply, old fashioned stuff with modern measures and methods; and has lots of ways of saving money to put towards gin and beer.

The piccalilli will be ready to try in 3 weeks.