If anyone wants a NETGEAR Cable/DSL Web Safe Router Gateway (still undisturbed in its box) mail me.

The only journey today was to my own dustbin; and I am the better for it.

The primary aim of the day was to find the WiFi dongle I recently bought. It came with Window’s only software, and it took a while to get Mac drivers via e-mail and open and install them.

I did not start by making a wild mess by wild looking (my usual practice) but did general tidying. I did find the dongle (and configured it) but also found much else, including a large, fancy, chess set and two demijohns of home made wine (for my American and Finnish cousins: a demijohn is a glass bottle holding a gallon, which is 8 pints, which is about 4.5 litres). The demijohn I tasted was brilliant. Dry, golden and better than cheap plonk; I am guessing it is the carrot blogged about a year or so ago.

On the down side the bank of floor only yielded £1.47, and today’s Lloyds credit card statement had a £12 late payment fine. It was my fault. I was trying to pay in full as usual, but could not because of the Dole, so ended up paying only part, and late.

I have to mention (or mention again) the fact that I made a flexible door seal for the bottom of Bev’s Mission Impossible Drafts door, with two narrow, self cut, strips of gaffer tape stuck either side of the front edge of the metal threshold and joined above with lest than a few square mm showing, no bubbles, and of a height to just bend and seal as the door opens and closes. I was too busy to do a dance of triumph then, and have only just remembered it now. It is not a long term solution, but the hall is at least a degree warmer for it.

I have just opened an e-mail from cousin Sirpa saying she and her sister will be visiting next year. I hope I can get away. I am sure there are people who would not want a free biological google guide showing them round with a constant stream of info and story, but if any of them are my family they do not have an escape button.

I was checking my facebook page and found this video of a cat drinking from its own head.