It was decide4d we were going to the Thachray Museum of medicine in Leeds. I was happy to go,especially as I did not have to use my own money to get in.

I had to leave the house without a map, timetable or proper idea of how to get to the place, transport direct could not properly cope with the complication of the journey. I did not moan or got stressed at all! Well hardly at all, not even when we missed a Leeds train at Shipley because the multi-million pound revamp has resulted in it being impossible to find out timers for 2 of the 4 services using the station. And the train was late and crowded.

Bev had to abandon her coffee on the pavement at Leeds because the snotty conductress of the bendy bollocks bus would not let her on with it.

After that it was very good. The museum is too big to see in one go, and I got a little grizzly, but did spend most of the day blood sugar surfing. The only real disappointment for me was the fact that there was no pus in the Blood and Pus gallery.

Back in Leeds we went to a City Varieties charity shop. The staff were doing a jigsaw map of Europe, just to check if it was all there of course. I waded in, and Bev pretended to look at stuff, or so she said. I did not look at the box, and got loads.

We then stood behind a mother at a cashpoint who had never used one before, She asked for help and then held a paper with the PIN infront of her face!

At Leeds Market I bought an end of day meat tray for £10. It turned out to be 10 lbs with lots of different meats. Carrying it back was health.

We then visited the Duck and Drake, and the Grove, where the landlady mocked my trying to tessellate beer mats; and we met Hayseed Dixie fans Holly and Leon.

Today we had boiled beef and carrots, I pulped and juice the rest of the apples, and did other things that impressed Bev, and she discovered she had mice. She is being brave.