This should be the last blog written and posted via the detestable virgin (are shit) media. John A has already pointed out that it is likely to be the detestable BT very soon. I have little doubt about that, I have already been cut off by their Indian call centre and not rung back, but even with all of that I will still be paying at least £10 a month less.

The installation process has been made a nightmare because of a demand to attend a restart interview today, with less than a week’s notice, which they refuse to change. If the equipment is not delivered before soon I have to decide whether to miss delivery or interview. Both could have significant financial consequences.

On top of all that I have still not sorted out either a netbook or a WiFi dongle for this computer, and the system I am getting is via a router. It will have wire connection, but in one of the coldest place in the house; so blogging may suffer,

It has to be said though that blogging has, as BradfordEye has pointed out, suffered anyway. Being in a relationship has something to do with that (though it has been beneficial for career development) but on top of that the fact I have no means of mobile internet access makes the habit of blogging difficult, and twitting and facebooking much more so. The most important reason though must be that I have less need for it at the moment.

The mice are not dead. Yesterday I looked down to find an adult one within inches of my boot end. I am ashamed to say that while I lashed out I did not kill it. I did find a dead one in a trap, but I am fairly sure it was a different one.

I also had a big scare about National Insurance, getting an exemption certificate then a bill. It turns out the bill can be sent out weeks after it is printed! And the certificate, which arrive first, superseded it.

So until next time, whenever that might be, cheers.