This blog is getting behind hand, and I am hardly twittering at all. I just do not seem to have the need at the moment. In some ways that is quite nice. I do not driven or stressed about anything at the moment; I am sure that will not last though.

I went to the dentist on Wednesday. I finally have a crown on the black stump of a pre-molar; but I also have what the dentist breezily dismissed as a permanent abcess below the tooth that has been giving me gip for two years. He drilled out and refilled it a fortnight since; and will not give me antibiotics (e never give them. It’s painful root cnal work or removal); this despite the fact he gave me two kinds of antibiotic in April. I am spraying the kind left over from the ear infection onto a pad and putting that over the hole.

What do you do if you are getting National Health dental treatment, but are unsure, or unhappy, with what is being done?

The weather has been very fine, a small part of the reason for my enjoyment. Not done anything to the garden or outside to take advantage though.

I are fairly sure the third mouse killed by the new traps was the last. An adult and two young suggest a pregnant female got in. Just how is a bit of a worry, for later.