Went to Bev’s on Saturday, mostly because we were both feeling ill, but she was worse off than me. By Monday I was feeling awful but Bev was recovered. At least I was ill in a warm house with a telly.

Sunda was a nice day. We went out apple picking with a picker/puller I made out of a bamboo pole, old red tights, and a heart shaped pancake mould.

We collected from 5 trees of 4 varieties on Baildon Common, and there was no sign that anyone else bothered. The 3 green ones are obviously old kinds, and two of them were tart, but the small, green ones were really sweet; and they are all free for the taking! The tree with the red apples could have been grown as an easy intro to tree climbing as well.

We got into conversations, including with a gang of teenage girls, who had probably never seen an apple picked.

Bev managed to break a couple of feet off the pole when I let her have a go, and she said Can you bang them off by hitting the branch? And demonstrated the daftness of the idea.later on though she was holding a branch down as I tried to pull an apple off. It broken off, fell straight down on her head, landed with a THUNK! And bounced several feet into the undergrowth. Her face looked like Wile E Coyote when an ACME anvil falls on his head, and all it needed was a 4 inch bump to grow out of the top of her head and it would have been Merrie Melodies.

We probably collected 3 to 5 kilos of apples, lots have surface markings, but very few have proved to be diseased.