Have a little bit of a cold. as has Bev. We are in our own houses. I reckon I am a bit better, and as I do not have a full-time job I may go and minister.

Have more mice. Have quadrupled the number of traps. They seem to be young spreading out for winter. There has been no evidence I have found of gnawing or eating my food, which strongly suggests they are taking advantage of DIY in at least two neighbour’s houses (not that I am suggesting it will be bodged, but it will be.

Had a very significant diabetic clinic yesterday. It has moved due to reorganization (Bradford health reorganizations are like Bradford city centre reorganizations; they benefit no one apart from the planners), but the reason for the move is that my GP practice owner could not be bothered to do the work any more under the new terms.

I will be moving from Vigin media (are shit in a few weeks. The e-mail e-ddress from these sites will not change, but my blueyonder one will become defunct. I will be mailing to remind.