I set off home this morning, after some hands on debt organizing, with the intention of shopping in Shipley then getting a bus home. I popped into The Junction, and a mere handfull of pints later I decided I had more chance of finding a house if I did not have to try and pay on a bus, so I walked back to Baildon, via a new (to me) short cut which was steeper than the 1 in 1 we walked up on Saturday (Warning: All gradiants in this blog are recorded as the blogger felt them, not as they are recorded on any map.)

The Hat Throwing is on record, as a video, at Hat Throwing on Pickled Egg. It has also been picked up by the Anglian Press Agency. They have no outlet of their own, as far as I can tell, but you may see it mentioned now in all sorts of strange media. Please tell me if you do.

I also wrote and sent stories to the Halifax Courier and the Ilkley Gazette.

It was a very important week. which I sailed through, thanks to experience bring forth fruit, and most especially because of help and the chance to relax in company.