I’ve done a lot of work since the last blog, including some of the hardest physical days work I have done for a long time.

I have set up a They Wrote Poems That Rhyme and they’ve been dead a long timeshow for 7yh Oct. (National Poetry Day) at the Midland in Ilkley, The Curry & Kipling is confirmed for 6th Oct. at the Ring O’ Bells Halifax (both shows start at 7.30). I am then doing a Hat Throwing on the 9th at White Wells.

The Kipling will be ticketed and include a donation to a children’s hospice, the other shows will have a collection that I will be split between me and a charity (St Gemma’s Hospice for the Hats , to be confirmed for the Rhymes

On Friday I bought a VAX vacuum cleaner on Bev’s behalf at Nettos, and carried it home. Her old one is not powerful enogh to suck up the dirt, let alone the cat flea lavea. I took it (and my heavy sack trolley_ to Baildon on Saturday, assembled it and started using it. We then went to Keighley Beer Festival, where Bev was dancing. We met a lot of nice people, and I joined in the public dance,

On Sunday we shifted Bev’s old washine machine, and her broken tumble drier to the front garden. The washer was a mare to shift, and it bent my trolley even more that it already was.

I then spent hours hoovering and spraying, and taped up her disused fireplace. We went out for a drink in the evening, and my beer went down lovely. We sang along to the kareoke and got a kebab on the way home, only Bev’s second, ever.

Today I went to Ilkley to fix stuff.