A few bits from yesterday.

Saw a kingfisher, the first this year I think. They do not seem to be as common on the waters between Brighouse and Elland as they were.

Just after crossing the first canal bridge, above the lock, walking west from Brighouse (this may show it on google map) the ivy is flowering on the wall between the canal (or navigation rather) and the river. There were countless hundreds of hoverflies, bees, flies, and wasps feeding.

Note I cannot get a link to show the bridge on google map. If you want to see the spot then zoom onto Brighouse and follow the canal/navigation west until it almost touches the river and runs right next to it for a 100 m.

Later, when passing the seemingly all conquering balsam I saw white wasps, or rather wasps made white by the balsam pollen.

After getting home, and before having an over-power nap, I put a laundry on. A little later I went to the cellar to look for beer. While I was there the drainpipe for the washing machine came away. It was almost above my head and I pushed it straight back with less than a pint of dirty water on the floor. I was very lucky. I could have done several washes before going in the cellar to discover it ankle deep in washing water.