Was going to try and do Ilkley, Keighley and Halifax in a big venue hunt, but did my traditional walk on the canal and the river from Brighouse to Elland, then bus to Fax.

Almost overpowering smell from himalayan balsam on the walk. Ate some of very last blackberries of the year, and a hazelnut fresh off the tree thanks to crows. There were a pair iin the tow-path. I thought they were engrossed in acorns until I trod on one. I only managed to reach the one nut, but it was lovely.

I did more pubs but less drinking than usual, starting with the The Old Ship in Brighouse, which has a function room but is probably just too far: then

Barge& Barrel, (no function room, and also a bit cold shouldering) and Malt Shovel (Sam Smiths so never any chance) in Elland. Finishing in The Ring O Bells by Halifax church, which is good, has good beer, and is a definite possibility for a Curry & Kipling.

Was going to go to Baildon to get the worth out of my bus ticket, but the nap stretched itself out to a couple of hours.