Friday. Sang, recited, talked and waved a leek as part of International Park(ing) Day in Leeds. Anzir was behind it, Joe brought turf from his garden on a bicycle. Meet lots and lots of nice people. Me and Gary did the talking to passers by, and we were good. I reckon 6 out or 10 smiled at out Internatinal parking Day. We’ve made a park in a parking space; and we’ve purchased a parking permit!.

Bev arrived after work, by which time my back was giving me gip, but it passed.

Saturday. Went with Bev to Otley Folk Fest with Bev to see her dance. It was a nice day but I was cold. In the evening we baby sat one of Bev’s grand-daughter’s.

Today, Sunday. Nice, relaxing day. Did some cleaning for Bev.