I walked from Bev’s house to the top of Shipley Glen around the southern part of Baildon Moor. It was not fqr but was made tiring by having to force my way through bracken due to bad marking and zero bracken management; both Bradford Council responsibilities I think. I watched a kestrel quartering and a few painted ladies and other butterflies.

This will be the first time I am home alone for a while.

Just a few bits and pieces about the last week:

My mother gave Bev a dress which really suits her, and shows off her fine cleavage. When Bev showed my ma, ma cried “Gawd blimey! like a Finnish Barbara Winsor, and rushed off to find a vest for her.

I took Bev for a walk to Tilgate Park and was genuinely shocked by the new work going on at the dam of Campbell’s Lake; which includes coplete closure of the dam and the east edge and new sets of culverts bigger than any I have seen for modern sewage systems. The was a massive, unsigned, detour away from the lake edge as well.

The weight of all the new equipment was just about OK to carry between two of us, though we did not have to take a screen or mic stand. I could just about have carried it on my own, but could not have managed the physical work that followed (some of which I should not have had to do).

I got a half page spread in last week’s Hampstead & Highgate Express, although I have not seen it. There are some indications that the staff at the venue did not then respond very efficiently to enquiries that followed. On the other hand it was a new thing for them. Overall it worked well enough to make it worthwhile trying to get a repeat show on; as long as technical finanial details can be sorted.