It has been a remarkable few days.

My parents met a declared girlfriend for the first time ever; and we slept together in the house I grew up in.

I scored a major artistic triumph with a new Priestley show, despite having to overcome issues on the day with the venue, including the fact they did not promoting in the final fortnight. There were many positives with the venue though; and old friends Gideon, Hugh, Tony and Murry came along; they and the rest of the audience loved the show; and they all joined in ‘Happy Birthday’ when Bev whipped out a cake and lit the candles.

The most important thing was Bev. She was a massive help and is, potentially a much greater help in future. She now knows what I want, need and what my limits are; with regards my shows. The biggest difference with the friends who have seen a lot of my shows is that she knows that the show is separate from me.

Good days.