August 2010

Turns out I was asleep in my socks, and really snoring, by 7.30 last night, according to ma’s testimony; so that is over a half day sleep holiday.

Apart from making gravy and going to the shops I do not think I have done any work, for me or my parents. Ate, drank (but not excessively) watched some tv, and relaxed. A programme about English Heritage (which I watched between flicking QI on Dave and Quest) took me back to my days as a founder of the J.B.Priestley Society. A garden at Kenilworth Castle which existed for 19 days for a visit by Elizabeth R I is being recreated becasue of the ‘vision’ of individuals in English Heritage, who, it seems, later married. The vision had no regard for sense, cost, or the consequences of building legally safe structures, rather than some wankers fantasy of authenticity. Both the contractor and the carpentry firm were facing massive losses because of the wankiness of the committee, and the people on the committee who knew what they were doing have probably taken to drink to cope with things like wankers demanding the introduction of fish to a pond only after the start of building.

I did some more work on my family drama (Hypo Family). Below is the scene I wrote today. It involves the Mummin family. The scene has the two aged parents and the youngest son, who is in late middle age. The son has just opened a bottle of Cava he bought at a local Spar (with ma’s money and blessing) and which he stuck in the freezer whilst he twittered. He pours and says:

Son: “I told you a friend was stopping here on my birthday, didn’t I?”

Dad:: “Man or woman?”

Son: “Woman.”

Ma: “I can sleep with dad and she can sleep in the spare room.”

Son stops pouring and is just about to speak.

“Or are you sleeping together? (Nod from son) That’s nice.”

I did think I might have the ma character start crocheting pink bedsocks as soon as she found her wool and needle, but thought that was too far fetched.

I have just had a half day sleep holiday.

I Took the new iPie to Highgate, but on tube discovered it was broken! So I put it back in the box, which was good which was good, because the tube train to High Barnet was terminated at Kings X, and the iPie would not have survived the massive crush that followed onto the next train.

I have to get the 214 bus at Kentish Town. I found the great B&S DIY. Small, family run shop with ten thousand things needed in the home. They had Copydex, which would have been ideal, but was £7.49! So got a tube of Hard As Nails for £1.50. Used it at the Gatehouse to glue the crust together. It survived Highgate, and buses to Portland Place and Victoria Station; I had pint in Cock off Oxford Circus, and taught some nice Austrians about British beer. Started falling apart at Victoria train station though.

The downer was manager Avi at the Gatehouse was on holiday. I did talk to loads, but no definite sales. It was a fun but very tiring day for me, but hard to tell if it was productive. Just worked out the gross for a sell out will be under £400. I am doing it for coverage though.

Got back, had dinner, lay down and was woken by ma at 22.00. Got undress and straight back to sleep.

Usual long trip I. Megabus was nearly an hour late picking up at Mayo Ave. Some group interaction,and I played big part in that. V v heavy rain on M1, but lost only another few minutes.

Time for one beer at East Midland Parkway. All trains through were running late because of scum bucket wire stealers. I am not a man to praise an increase in regulation, but I have suffered from a number of crimes fueled by scrap merchants, of all kinds, making it easy for bastards to fence stuff.

Because of the problems Meagbus were allowed on East Midland trains ( a first for me). Nowt good or bad. Seat pitch and space better than Penalino’s (sic?).

Talked to nobody on the coach but did talk with Jo on train, who was reading latest book from Terry Prachett. She admitted he was nolonger funny, she still loves his books.

At St Pancras showed Jo (and several others later) where to find her train. Then the Betjeman Bar. Made new staff (Daniel & the lass from Wolverhampton) laugh.

Bought a FT for first time in months, and enjoyed it loads.

Teaching adults to fold an origami flapping bird is a lot harder than children, especially when they lose their temper and start hitting it.

Bought a MicroCube PA yesterday from Muscians Centre Bradford. Tested it in the evening in front of a small audience. It makes a big difference. My sound is fuller and I do not have to strain. I will need to practise with it though. The one annoying think was the carrying strap was not in the box. I have called and they have it there. It is ex-display. O got no discount but got given a free guitar lead, which I should have refused, as I have all the leads I need for a guitar. Let me know if you want one.

My snores praised as a mouse scarer, but they apparently stopped when I rolled over. Luckily I then trumped loud enough to frighten any rodent, so that was alright.

Got up early to help put a dressing on a blister.

Well twittering is quicker than blogging, at least it is with the way I blog.

Had dinner at Bev’s mum (which I ate most of, despite having more on the plate than even my mother serves). Met her ex. Only one of these two was planned. I showed up well both times. I also broke a paint scraper getting enough ice off the freezer so the door would close. This prompted a declaration of deep affection after the ex had left, at which I only panicked mildly.

I was woken up last night by a mouse under my bed. Instead of quietly finding something to hit it with I went looking for a mouse trap, so missed a chance, I did find the trap either. I ended up sleeping on the sofa, and while a change is as good as a rest I would have had more rest on the bed, especially as I discovered my fridge freezer was working 24/7, and had a fly that was much taken by my sweet skin.

Would have twittered about this last night but my internet was down. I am now thinking that the ethernet wire is faulty, but there are still plenty of other issues even if that is true.

Today I started sending the press release to papers and other media, only to have Hilary (who has written about me) point out I had written Highbury instead of Highgate. OH BEGGER! Thankfully I had not sent many.

Went and bought mouse traps, had to go to U Save because my local DIY money laundering store only had expensive rat traps and glue traps, which I will not use.

Productive day just sat here, and am thus more knacked than if I had been digging the garden.

Started the day by writing a comment on The Gadget Show’s review of the iPad. I am beginning to think Steve Jobs is now an evil version of Bill Gates. I do not want to buy a pc laptop, but with MacBooks starting at over £800 and the iPad having no industry standard connections, I think I will have to get one to run shows from.

Then spent an age watching other Gadget Show reviews, and following them up. I could do with a new printer for a start to replace the HP clockwork one.

Inspired by the show I also started tweeting as bradwan1.

Sorted out my National Insurance, I had had a demand for payment. Tried sorting out the problems I am having with gmx mail as well, that did not go so well.

Rewrote the press release for Pie & Priestley again; and did a short listing, which I have sent to friends. Already have had enquires for a possible 6 tickets, which is 15 percent of capacity.

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