I have just finished a cartoon, on cross stitch canvas, of my family; for my mother’s 89th birthday tomorrow.

She has been asking me to draw a picture she can cross stitch (or sew, or whatever those woolly pictures are called) for years. It is not easy. The pixel size is a minimum of 3 mil, and I have not done a lot of portraiture. So not a job I wanted, but need’s a good driver . The result is a good likeness for me and Basil, and OK for ma and dad, but it is all too small, I think.

I also bought her 2 pairs of smart but comfy shoes this afternoon at T.J.Hughes. Got a heavy shop, including a box of Hock (only 9% so less likely to go to heads than most), whilst in town.

Sent out more Pie & Priestley press releases, including LBC and Capital Radio. The pr has produced no response, so far.

I have almost framed myself to buy a computer that is not a mac, after decades of apple only. Bill Gates is still being damned for trying to enforce a monopoly, whereas Steve Jobs is still, at the moment, being treated like the people’s champion; yet Gates never sold hardware, but Jobs is selling hardware and software, almost all of which is licenced, and thus controlled, and profiting, Apple. He even stops third parties that do better software from being used on his iPhone/Pad/Touch, money millkers. The only man with more media monopoly than Steve Jobs would have been Rupert Murdock; but I think Jobs now stands alone.

btw. the computer is likely to be an Asus netbook with Linux, if I can find one with the right spec. I went looking for one in Curries.

As well as all that I made, probably, my best ever curry. Lamb mince, spinach and mushroom; with a little soya mince to thicken. Parents and the cleaning lady (who arrived in time for a share) all full of praise.