I have just had a half day sleep holiday.

I Took the new iPie to Highgate, but on tube discovered it was broken! So I put it back in the box, which was good which was good, because the tube train to High Barnet was terminated at Kings X, and the iPie would not have survived the massive crush that followed onto the next train.

I have to get the 214 bus at Kentish Town. I found the great B&S DIY. Small, family run shop with ten thousand things needed in the home. They had Copydex, which would have been ideal, but was £7.49! So got a tube of Hard As Nails for £1.50. Used it at the Gatehouse to glue the crust together. It survived Highgate, and buses to Portland Place and Victoria Station; I had pint in Cock off Oxford Circus, and taught some nice Austrians about British beer. Started falling apart at Victoria train station though.

The downer was manager Avi at the Gatehouse was on holiday. I did talk to loads, but no definite sales. It was a fun but very tiring day for me, but hard to tell if it was productive. Just worked out the gross for a sell out will be under £400. I am doing it for coverage though.

Got back, had dinner, lay down and was woken by ma at 22.00. Got undress and straight back to sleep.