Usual long trip I. Megabus was nearly an hour late picking up at Mayo Ave. Some group interaction,and I played big part in that. V v heavy rain on M1, but lost only another few minutes.

Time for one beer at East Midland Parkway. All trains through were running late because of scum bucket wire stealers. I am not a man to praise an increase in regulation, but I have suffered from a number of crimes fueled by scrap merchants, of all kinds, making it easy for bastards to fence stuff.

Because of the problems Meagbus were allowed on East Midland trains ( a first for me). Nowt good or bad. Seat pitch and space better than Penalino’s (sic?).

Talked to nobody on the coach but did talk with Jo on train, who was reading latest book from Terry Prachett. She admitted he was nolonger funny, she still loves his books.

At St Pancras showed Jo (and several others later) where to find her train. Then the Betjeman Bar. Made new staff (Daniel & the lass from Wolverhampton) laugh.

Bought a FT for first time in months, and enjoyed it loads.