I have had a message from Bees Nees Media. They interviewed me at the Ginger Fest at Morley earlier this year. The are into final editing for the resulting documentary (for BBC Scotland) and wanted to buy a copy of The Wayne Jacobs Little Red head Book.

Me and Bev are getting to know each other a bit. She has told me that I was lazy like a cat. (which is remarkably astute). I was round her house on Thursday but persuaded her that she should go to W.I. I had plans of my own, and as soon as she left, I finished de-fleaing one of her cats, dressed up, and started getting really dirty.

Trouble was that she had a change of plan and came home early, to catch me read handed, dressed in her pinny, cleaning her cooker (the red hands came from using raw thick bleach and a paint scraper).

I slept the clock round last night. I needed it.