Took the new iPie to Highgate and wore it, then to Charring Cross, then to East Croyden, where I packed it away.

Very good day, three disappointing things.

All details are now set for 13th Sept. Tickets for Pie & Priestley are £15 each, inc. food. Tickets are available from the Gatehouse.

The veggie option will be a pie. Avi, the manageress, said she would rather die than announce me, I told her I was shocked because I thought she could do everything, and persuaded her to do it.

I was there to be photographed but the official Wetherspoons photographer could not make it. Photos were taken, and I will post at least one, but it is always better to have it done by a professional. I did a lot of good things though that I could not have done without being there, including talking to John at the Upstairs at the Gatehouse theatre; who gave me lots of info, including the fact I had spelled Wetherspoons wrong on the leaflets (I also spelled words on the banner wrong, curse Jessica Fletcher!

I also got some very useful information from Dave in the Red Lion and Sun, including about the Whitestone Pond that will feature in the show.

The pie is absolutely brilliant for getting to talk to people, but it makes a very small number very angry because the do not understand it. The third disappointment was the attitude of one cockney wanker. On the other hand I got photographer with and by good looking young women on the train to East Croydon (whilst I was talking to Bev on my mobile, it was like being a well cool dude) and talked to scores, possibly hundreds, of others; including someone who lives at Priestley’s old house.

I also wrote a testimonial for a shop manager called Wayne, that I met in the Harp, Charring Cross, because I was so impressed with his attitude. It was to show his girlfriend.