The last few days have given me a crop of flowers so far, and I need to record that incase the slugs get up my stems in the next few days.

Today I signwrote (if there is a trade of signwriter what they do must be signwrote) two cloth banners for the Priestley Night in the gatehouse, Highgate, on 13th Sept. I also created a new carrying tray for the new iPie from a tray I remembered from my childhood (and some cable ties I bought today, and straps). I also printed off tickets and posters, did vegetable shopping in Crawley for my parents (and I may have finally learnt how to spell vegetable), and made soup.

Strangely enough: my mother told me this morning that it you burn stuff in a saucepan, then coke (other brown, frizzy drinks available) boiled in the pan works better than vinegar. After I had spent and too long on my own work, and forgetting my parent’s soup, I had the chance to test that; and discovered she was right! And the very dark liquid that resulted is, compared to many sauces in bottles, not that offensive a taste.

I also got a phone enquiry about the hat throwing that is not happening on 1st August. I also went to the library to read the Haynes washing machine manual. It is nowhere near as well written as their car manuals, and all I could manage to learn was that the owner would have to buy the book, and a voltmeter, before I could do anything.

I also discovered that the iPad has no means of printing stuff!! That is not strictly true. It can send to a wi-fi printer (that I do not have) and print via a computer (so I would still need to carry my laptop to crawley and back!!). I am very unhappy about this. The iPad looked like an answer to my long felt needs, but without printing it is a tossy big iPhone (without a camera), as far as I can see at the minute,

I wrote the banners on the only big table in this house, which has also had the only telly. Ma was on her afternoon murder fest, and I blame Murder She Wrote for me painting …defided… in the phrase …a pie that defied Hitler. I have corrected it, but it took time.

I do not think I have watched any Top Gear today, which says something about how many times anyone can watch the same programme on Dave, or about my moving on, which I seem to remember links to the first sentence.