A quickly written blog in the middle of a busy and fruitful weekend, with a trip still to come!

Just a few notes to the end of last week: I have done a new iPie . It is a good looker, though with some worrying small cracks. I have not photographed it yet, but if it survives the journey it will be paraded at the will be paraded at the Gatehouse just after noon on Tuesday, and then around Highgate.

On Saturday I was taken to see ska band Natural Rhythm at Checkpoint, the now ancient West Indian community centre where I used to drink Cockspur rum. It may have been painted since I last went, but they still sell Cockspur.

I got really sweaty from dancing as I did when younger. It was a good night.

Sunday was relaxed. I helped put a tent up in Bev’s living room, and we sat in it and watched BBC 4’s Britain Goes Camping and drinking cheap aniseed liquor.