Quick note on a very busy few days, in the time virgin media (are shit are actually allowing me on the internet.

I have received confirmation of licence to perform the J.B.Priestley material on the planned Pie & Priestley Nights. The only thing that can stop the London now is something happening to me. I still have no confirmation of a venue for a second show though. I will post about it when I have updated my websites.

I have done most of the work on the script, posters and tickets. I am now looking to invest a fair amount of money, for me, in things I need to do this show, and the ones that follow, with slides and maybe music, and can carry on my back.

Yesterday I went to Hi-tec to look at new and used macs, and ask about projectors. The advice was good, and I am falling for an iPad. It may be expensive for what it is, but it will do almost everything I use my laptop for, can be used with projectors, and is probably the lightest thing that can produce images good enough for a large projector.

The also have a very light projector. I bought a PRAM battery for my decade old iMac while I was there.

Afterwards I walked down and up the sides of Bradford Beck’s north valley. I ccalled in the Prospect of Bradford and discovered it could be theYorkshire best pie venue I have seen so far. It is being run by a Polish widow who knows what she is doing. The handpulled Tetley’s was also the best I have tasted for a long time.

Then walked through the Spinks Well nature trail . Less cherries than I remember, but an absolute mass of raspberries, including some of the finest I have ever seen.

Then to Orlando’s, where Bev treated me. The early bird special was very good, and it seems a really good place.

Then to Lister Park. We saw one of a pair of young asian men pick up one of the many ducks sat by the lake, and threw it up in the air! The duck lost feathers, but was in the middle of a moult, and dignity. Unfortunately I have only just thought of the phrase duck chucker. There was also a slim young redhead on the other side of the lake, seemingly arguing with the ducks. Only a coot seemed to answer back, which seemed fitting. A full range of park life.

I then did a tour of Cunliffe Terrace, where I used to live, and where a tramp was murdered two house down from me.

Today I acted as escort and support at the mamogram clinic, including reading out Wodehouse quietly in the waiting room. Thankfully all tests were clear.

Later I spent hours trying to replace the PRAM battery; rather than the 5 mins advertised on one of the help pages. Either I have done it wront, or it is the wrong battery, or the machine is beyond help.

Went to my GP to pick up a prescription, and discovered the doctor had not put the most important of my insulins on (Humalog). They did check, and it was his fault, but there are no doctors there now until Monday, which may make things difficult.