It seems nice to be rushing to write a blog before the ethanol tsunami sweeps me away. It is just like the last time I tried it, and I am beggered if I have an means of finding out when that was.

My best work comes on the days I have a defined thing to create, and do. Those are the days of the Dilbert engineer’s dance. Almost as good are the days that I do loads of work, do not notice much, drink loads, and think Ouuuh! That was a good day,

Have done the tickets and the flyers for the Pie & Priestly Night on my 50th birthday, at the Gatehouse pub, Highgate, N6.

I then walked to Bradford to check A4 prices, buy a tankard for £1 for Morris happenings, and meet up with Joe to test small amps (with speakers, I think the correct name is combi, as if I cared). Joe has been telling me for years that I needed one. Today I fell in love with a box that weighed 0.5 kg less than a guitar practise amp, that took out all my sibilants without turning a knob! I did not buy ir, but I will.

We then went to the Shoulder of Mutton, and talked.

Afterwards we saw, and talked to, Scott of the City Vaults, and his young lad Harrison.

I then went to the local Weatherspoon’s to see if they would do what the one in Highbury, The Gatehouse, are doing for me. I just missed the manager; though was there long enough for the book haters that work at Bradford Central Library to come in on their nightly soak (there is a bit of background to that anger, including sex. but the last time I saw them in the place I may have been drunk, but hardly enough to warrant the words I got; especially from a woman who combines an impression of wanting to help. and an inability to find the last month’s FT’s within the hour.

Then to whatever The Delius pub is now called. Talked to Jay and Ryan, what remembered me; and Taff, what I remember. He has alopecia. I know that coz I asked, but did not then go on to say: So, if you’re going to cut your hair short enough to notice, don’t you shave yourhead!?

A customer came in and forced the barmaid (Jay) to put stuff from the Cancer Research shop in her bag. That”s where I bought my tankard (All bric-a-brac a pound! So I got mine out for a test. I had bought kitchen towels in Morisons (below the national average I got from the internet this morning) so I could clean it; and it holds a full pint!

I then set off to walk home, just as the real rain and lightening started. I bobbed into The Westleigh to get out of the rain. The one handpulled beer was good, but expensive, and the staff are ignorant,