I arranged to meet Bev on the train to Ilkley yesterday. Ar Forster Square Station I met Graham, who I know from jazz at City Vaults, he was meeting his lass Pat on the same train; and when both girls got on at Baildon it turned out that they had been talking about going to Ilkley.

The two of us walked up to White Wells, stopping on the way to look at the Post Box top wildlife park. Some of the ladybird larvae have grown quite big, so they must be catching something, but we did not see it; even when a greenfly walk into one almost head on!

The rain was coming in cold, gusty showers, which added a sense of occassion and a new view of Wharfedale.

We had pie and peas at White Wells and a bit of a discussion with Mark and Joanne about hat throwing. We agreed it would be better to have one in October, rather than rush to do one on 1st Aug. They have had nothing, but promises, from Anne Hawksworth either; and the ‘programme’ for the day does not give a single time; making it worthless.

Wee ate lots of wild raspberries, and saw lots of different hover, and other, flies on the walk down; then went to see an arts fair where a friend of Bev’s was selling her own pottery animals. I went to the Bowling Club to as about doing a Priestley there. Nigel, ex-Riverside, is now steward; and they have a function room; but it is very old fashioned (I was asked to take my hat off when I went in) and has to be approved by committee.

After that we did some charity shop trawling and had a few beers. Vicki in the Midland remembered my name (I was found wanting). and Bev talked to everybody, and everybody said goodbye to her when we left. I hope this pub manages to stay open, and stay as it is. It is easily the best in town.

Today we went to a Big Lunch at Saltaire Church Allotments; organised by Christine of Rainbow Morris. It was lovely. People bought food and drink. Bev made scones and jam (while I was ordering the 17 tines of tomatoes, 9 tines of mushy peas, and 6 tins of custard. I did not mean to, but could not help it after being asked to look for chick peas).

I performed 3 poems A sack of salt, I told my love and Kipling’s Glory of the Garden. It went down very well. TC (who played at my Walburgas show) and a couple of other musicians played, and there was morris dancing.