I have been off-line for several days, but it was not broadband supplier’s fault this time.


A really low key, and pleasant, return ‘home’. Until the point I tried to go on-line, when I discovered my internet connection was not. I have no clue when you can read this.

At Three Bridges Station I offered information to a woman who had been enquiring. Turns out my subconscious was correct, We were both travelling via St Pancras, I I learnt about how Japan can run trains through earthquakes, the geography of Derbyshire; and the the better parts of Chesterfield. I may have told Alice things she did not know, including tip for not missing your train if travelling via First Capital (no) Connect (set off at least an hour earlier than they tell you).

I had two pints in the Betjemin, Beer was fine, and I talked to a few customers, but I did not know one of the staff, and it all seemed like the company’s chickens were looking to roost.
The Grand Central direct train to Bradford seemed much better than the one down, but was probably largely the same. I wrote an essay of comments to the company, especially about the dwell time between Doncaster and Bradford (and vis versa), and I think I talked to all of the train crew apart from the driver, including the bloke with the laptop trying to fix the train whilst it was moving.

I did most of the talking at the buffet which was selling Nick Stafford’s Hambledon Ale , until I drank it all.

I gave some late night hug therapy, which I enjoyed enormously.


Went to Mike and Emily’s wedding at the Victoria Hotel. It was a really nice day, even though I had to do on my own. I did a short reading during the service; saw a good few old friends from Mike’s side; and met lots of Canadians from Emily’s side. I sat down to dinner with regular reader Mark, and Julie; and Glen, Becky and Maggie from Toronto.

pie and peas were on the menu, and I made the hotel go and get some mint sauce.


Bev came round with some lamb chops, and I did a barbeque. I think a first fwhile I have lived here, and possibly the first I have done. It was good.

Did more Wodehouse to end the day.