Spent nearly all of today in Highgate, where J.B.Priestley lived for long enough to get a plaque. I was looking for a venue for Pie & Priestley.

I went to a full dozen places, and am tired. The best offer was from Avi, at only the second place, The Gatehouse. This is a Weatherspoons, which means potential nationwide coverage, and while there ere are lots of things to sort out, I will be trying hard to sort them quickly.

Honourable mentions to the Red Lion and Sun, and the Angel (which have no suitable room)’ T.O.C (an acronym on the pub sign, that I am not going to spell out, and which is probably too far down the hill); and the Rose and Crown (which is a restaurant, and too high end for this show, until the show takes off). I also went to the Spaniards, which was the busiest pub of the day; so busy I could barely talk to the bloke in charge; but enough to learn they could not do meat and potato pies.

I passed an 2 seat Audi, in Benjamin Street, Clerkenwell, with its nearside mirror covered in bird poo. I stopped to look up to discover a pigeon’s nest, and to wonder why the car had been parked for so long.

Another not about a previous day. On the way up to White Wells on Saturaday I stopped to look at the top of a 1950/60’s round, curved top, post box. It was under a big tree, and covered in more life than you will see on a helicoper safari. All if it seemingly walking aimlessly across the rust ridged and mildewed top. Fat, lumbering ladybird lavea, greenflies without wings running about, a few red spider mites, and at least two other animals. Nearly all would get to the edge, and then walk away. The only greenfly I saw caught was by a mite. I have never seen a ladybird lavea catch anything, and that did not change in the ten minutes I watched them.