It turns out that the Department of Work and Pensions are nothing to do with Social Services, so this mornings visit was not a Social Services assessment; but it should result in my mother getting a Carers Allowance. I am not an ignorant man, but things for old people seem almost more complicated than I can manage; but it has to be said I have managed to get things changed for my parents benefit.

They also had the windows measured for a quote for replacements; so the icy draft straight to the back of my dad’s neck, and the upstairs window that will fall out if it is ever opened, will be things of the past soon, hopefully.

I few bits and pieces about past days.

I called in the Three Horseshoes Helion St, yesterday. The were two Cockneys and a Scot. We started talking about pies (guess who started that) and ranged across many of the ethnic delicacies of Britain; from pie, mash and liquor ,with jellied eels; through white pudding and haggis; to the glories of pork scratchings.

Before that; on the long West Yorkshire zag of the train journey, I saw a hedge of 5 herons flying over a new looking lake cum pond by the railway. I do not think I have ever seen more than a single heron in any one place.