I was going to write more about the weekend, and how it seemed to last for ages (a good thing when you’re not far off 50), but I have gained too many good things to write about since; so the mid-life crisis (which I have been having since the age of probably 5) can take a back seat today.

In the day I did a 15kg shop, and a lot of time and effort on the hat throwing thing. My idea is to do it on Yorkshire Day, 1st August. Councillor Hawkesworth rang me today, and there is a fair chance the hats and my show about the history of On Ilkley Moor Ba tat will go ahead.

In the evening I went to Otley at Bev’s invitation to see a lot of morris dancing. It is the first time I have seen her in her new team, Wayzgoose. There were 3 other teams, one from Notre Dame Sixth Form College (lovely to see, especially the black lass); Theiving Magpies (black faced with a lovely smiling Geordie called Chris, and a bloke from ZZ Top who beat big sticks together and smoked a rolly for their first dance without touching it or it going out; and Briggate (ladies team who were the best technical dancers I have seen. Wayzgoose hosted the event and did themselves proud.

I was fascinated to watch the different groups, and how they all had some of the same kind of characters in each; though you would have to be a good watcher to see it.

It finished with an ioen dance for anyone. We were told to find a stick and a partner; so I found a short, curly stick behind the wheelie bin, which Bev ripped out of my hand to replace it with a ‘proper’, but not before Chris had responded to my Does anyone want a spare man?

It was grand. I could not tell my left from right, and us being at the head of two big lines meant when ‘we’ thought I had to dance up to the top and back everyone else had to follow.