I need to record the last few days as they may prove to be an eye of calm, for reason’s I may offer later.

FridayI went to the Midland Hotel, Bradford, to get a quote Pie & Priestley 2010. It would work at a minimum price of £20, with a need to sell at least 20 20 tickets. I did the first ever of these shows there, and it is a posh venue, but the price is not good, and there was no chance to negotiate (though I am hardly a negotiator).

I then went to Ilkley for more quotes, and to see if I could do a repeat of the Hat Throwing Championship on 1st August, or possibly the day before.

I walked up to White Wells and had to stop and pant less than a dozen times, despite the sun being out, which suggests I am fitter than I was. They are perfectly happy for me to do the event there again. so that is the venue for the hats sorted.

Then went to the Riverside to ask for Priestley. This and White Wells are the only straightforward venue I am trying to deal with.

Part of the gathering storm is my nightmare of plate juggling, with paper plates and soft poles. Almost nothing is easier for having done it before, the friend as broken reed is making things much worse.

After Riverside I met one of the slaggiest cats ever. A long haired puss who rolled over and dribbled on top of a wheelie bin, while I was stroking her,


Went to see Baildon Cricket Club play Bankfoot.

First surprise was that there was an entrance fee of £3, though that did include a scorecard cum programme (Bradford & Bingley was free in but the programme was £2).

It is good to watch cricket if your mind is troubled; at least I found this match so. There is enough going on to keep the mind from deep thoughts; but the excitements are of a kind, and spread out enough to avoid feverish feelings (even short-leg putting down the catch that would have made a hat trick made nobody jump up).

Baknfoot were bowled out with the last, or second to last, ball; on 217. After tea they were not getting wickets but keeping the run rate down; then came a set of short but heavy showers, Overs were lost, making Baildon’s job more difficult; but an old gent explained that bowling fielding after rain was often more difficult than batting. I had to miss the last overs, so I missed Baildon winning.


Was at Bev’s house to England get well beaten by the Germans. I am glad I saw it with a nice family.

Did some walks and drank the first beer since Friday. Also read out a lot of Wodehouse.


Medically speaking I’ve been a bit up and down; not helped by a call from my mother saying the Welfare people, ie. Social Services, had visited today. I am trying hard not to let the farago get to me; but it is difficult.