In between starting and finishing this blog I had supper, a barh, and beer, and watched Country Queens with the family, (and only sang along a few times) and several otehr programs with Basil. 

I have had a nice time over the weekend, and I think everyone else in the family has as well. Went out with Basil. He drove us down to a place called Leonardslee Gardens; privately owned and designed and world famous. In the Dog and Nightgown on Friday a couple told me they had just been, because it has been sold to an individual who is shutting it at the end of June.

When I told Basil he was visibly shocked. He might have taken ma on a jaunt today, but the paths are too steep for her, and this was the last day he could possibly see Leonardslee.

In the morning Basil drove us to a diy store, where I got a bag of stones to fill the failed micro pond and some concrete for later. I nearly walked us out, leaving a full trolley at the pay desk. it was self ‘service’ tills, and there was no way I was lifting a 20kg bag of stones onto the scanner. I pressed the assistance button, nobody came, Basil pointed out there was a hand held scanner; not labeled or mentioned at the desk.

Basil had already done a splendid, and meticulous job on cutting the lawn before I got up. When we got back from saving B&Q the cost of till staff I emptied the stones and we went round the garden with Basil identifying plants for me to spray with weedkiller.

Then we all ate a great dinner of Finnish potato and anchovy casserole and the trotters and hocks I had sawed.

Then to Leonardslee.

As Basil said, the family that made the garden selling it, and he closing, is yet another minor English tragedy of our soul-less time.The camellias were still out and the rhododendron and azalea were still in full flower. The views and vistas were simply breathtaking. Views of only white and green; views of yellow and green with one red leaved tree; views of rhododendron and azalea flowers of every colour of the rainbow. Rare trees with extraordinary forms and colours. And we did not even visit the top part of the gardens with the heath plants and the wallabies.
We also talked a lot, for the better.
On the way back we stopped at the Black Horse in Nuthurst, which is a welcoming pub with a very good beer garden, a glamorous .landlady and a redhaired barmaid keen to learn more about red hair,