After finishing at the Frog and Nightgown yesterday I walked back to Faygate for the first time (I usually walk on to Littlehaven). I crossed a wheat field that had the footpath defined by the farmer spraying weedkiller along it (and it worked(.

I have now watched enough. Time Team‘s to watch the ground when walking across fields. I picked up a heavy piece of blue curved bottle glass, and a cuboid sandstone of about an inch square section, broken at one end.

In the evening I showed these to Basil and ma whilst watching telly. The glass is obviously from a hand made bottle, The stone caused discussion between me and Basil until I saw there were groves in the end. I suggested a whetstone, and ma looked at it and said it was exactly like the stone her father used to sharpen his scythe. Obviously the stone has been in the field since lost or thrown away by a man cutting wheat or hay by hand.

When Basil drives to the parents he usually does so in an ancient VW pick-up. This time he is in a Peugeot, so I could go with him and ma on the supermarket big buy. I helped it be relatively unstressful, the pair of us worked well, and neither lost the temper with mother. I also can the school vouchers to the scout group collecting them at the door, which happened to be my old one, the 1st Southgate.

I then made salad, managed chips, cooked rhubarb, opened the cava, made mother sit down, and served dinner. Nobody got stressed! Apart from mother with her let me lone! I’m alrighten!!, which I bulldozed gently.

I then went to the shops to pay their paper bill, and bought trotters. I then sawed the trotters into trotter and shank.

Watched The best of Benny Hill on ITV 3 and nearly choked. The one with the French film director being the one that drove me closest. I also discovered the source of me going Weeeeeeee!

Me and Basil then went out. We went to the Whetherspoons (County Oak) which was relatively chav free, but had no beer we could be bothered with. Then The Swan for Kissing Gate Brewery (Crawley’s first for about a century). Then the Downsman for the best pints of the day (I had Courage best he had St Austell Tribute). We would have stayed for at least one more but the whole pub was hired for a stag do.

Good day with a chance to discuss lots of important stuff.

Virgin Media are shit called to apologise for my personal lack of broadband. He claimed it was just chance that I had suffered 3 separate issues over 5 days, and took another tenner of my next bill. Still not happy but at least they called. The Coop (Together you will get hurt) have not.

From looking at books I think the very small bird that nearly flew down my throat last Saturday was just out of the nest. Maybe a chiffchaff or a warbler, but by looks and size I think most likely to be a firecreast.