Man full of beer warning!

Very good days, despite thieving pikey cant scratter bastards, probably driving an oranged striped, Shepa looking, pick up, nicking two fecling inches of lead pipe off the pipe that fed the cistern of one of the redundant outside toilets.

Yorkshire Water are parasitic scum, tossers, bastards and indifferent to need; which for water suggests drinking the blood of babies to stay alive is not far away.

I also discovered freezer issues, which might explain some of the time when I have not had full control of my own actions.

I do need a new fridge/freezer. Trouble is all the new ones I have found are either much taller than mine (so I lose somewhere to put fruit and new needles for my insulin pens), or I have a bigger fridge (no use to me) and a tiny freezer (I’ll have bo bread).

However: I did an instinctive fix by repacking, and it has flipping well worked.

Today I chased dreams, until my virgin (virgin are shit) broadband connection gave out at 11.00, for the third day running. Then I phoned people.

I wrote a full description of the last few days for my re=start interview, but I am chemically inca[able of cutting and pasting; so if I need to know what I have done since the last post I will have to check my ‘sent’ files.

The Re=start was the best I have ever had. I cannot remember his name, but he was good.

Then spent time catching up on my drinking at Salts, The Love Apple and the Delius (f.k.a The Thirsty Scholar). Talked at the barmaid in the Apple, and wrote a description of where the bluebells are, coz she said she loved them, and lived near Elland: then a few folk in the Delius, including a student from Cornwall, who said he was a Man U fan (So your a home fan then, being from Cornwell! Made his black Cockney mate laugh, a lot). I tell you what, once he got passionate his accent flowered (obviously the one he got whilst waiting for the bus to school, 3 times a year, or whilst getting cider drunk at 16 in the pub nearest his Emmet parents).

I got home to find my broadband connection was still unconnected, and called virgin (shite) media. I had called in the morning when it first went down, and put the phone down on her foreign accent, whereas when I called tonight, Alex and he even more foreign Scottish accent did what he should do, and well.

For the first time I saw a bird (magpie) drinking and washing from my ‘done nothing to, for, or with it’ pond. I always assumed it were cats that lowered the water level, before today.

I might go and sit and bat watch, and drink more, now. Or drink more, or not drink any more and go to bed, or not watch bats and watch drinks. or jusr drink, or not, It;s nice to have friends that will listen.

Tha would have been my final word, but my virgin (virgin are shit) connection is down again.

If I am off-line for more than 4 days, I am either ill, busy, drunk, not bothered, or changing from virgin (virgin are shit) media to a provider that provides.