A grand day out.

Walked from Brighouse to Halifax via Elland Wood. Best ever carpet of bluebells. Pictures were taken, but no painting done. I felt overwhelmed by them, and for the first time ever I felt intoxicated by the scent of wild flowers.

I also spent time taking photos of a mud patch where a steam crossed the path. People had thrown down planks, I guess for a cycling event (supposed from other evidence). This had caused the steam to run across the pat and sink into it. Sometime today, however, somebody else had spent 47 minutes carving a new, straight, channel with a pointed branch, and rearranged the planks, and added stones and sticks, and walked away a happier man; as I would have done if I had done it.

Not a single butterfly in the wood, but thousands of hoverflies (my favourite). If my camera had a quicker shutter I would have a photo of 6 of them on the same sun lit leaf, but got a photo of a blank leaf by the time it had shutted.

I also got a greater spotted woodpecker close enough to spot by banging a stone on a tree, though it took longer than it did when I saw it done on the One Show.

Had some beer in Halifax, including a first visit to the Cross Keys (Siddel, I think). I resolved a while ago not to walk past an open pub, as long as I had time and money enough. It might not be open much longer. Good pub but no handpulled. After that the usual Shears, Pump Room, Three Pigeons (in that order because the Pigeons has moved its opening from 3 to 4 o’clock).

Then home for 9 minutes before going to a Parish Council meeting, at which I made useful contributions, and got asked advice by a Muslim bloke, who’s name I have forgot, about getting pure honey. Unfortunately I know all of my brother’s monastery produce was sold last year.

Then The Delius Centre fo an Open Floor (the mic was not working, so I made the title up) evening. The first there. Namecheck for young songwriter Johnny and his guitar, and Bruce Barnes, and Tina, and Joe O; who all performed.