Second blog written in 11th May, written 7 or so hours after the one before.

On the afternoon of 11th May 1985 I was stood, singing, on the Bradford End, at Valley Parade, watching Bradford City Vs Lincoln City. City had won promotion to the ‘old’ Second Division away at Cambridge Utd and won the Third Division Title at Bolton Wanderers. I had been at both games.

At 3.42 we saw a few wisps of smoke in the main stand. 4 minutes later the whole stand was blazing.

The year before the ffire and the few months after would probably count as the worst time in my life, event if the fire had not happened.

None of the 57 victims were people I even knew, let along loved, so time has largely healed my scars. There was a big media fuss about the 20th anniversary, which I did not like; why the 20th when there was nothing for the 19th? And that gave some distance; but today’s anniversary was almost exactly half my present lifetime ago; I almost did not remember; and that was a shock; a very real shock.

I probably would have gone out for a walk, as I did in the years before the 20th. As it was I realised what date it was in early afternoon, cancelled a business meeting; and stood in my garden in the rain.

Almost by chance I looked at the time on my mobile at 3.42 and then again at 3.46. The Four Minutes From Hell seemed, for a moment, to be as real as they seemed in the waking nightmares of the time that followed the fire

The moment passed, as all moments do.

If all the victims had survived the oldest would be 109 years old, and the 3 youngest would be in their 36th year.