Came home yesterday.

Did a little bit of gardening before I set off. When I pruned the damson trees earlier this year I stuck a branch into the ground just to get it out of the way. It is now covered with blossom! I have seen a lot of butterflies over the last few days, there were fritillaries seemingly fighting it out at the bottom of this garden, and I have seen a brimstone out front, and on the way to Three Bridges station I saw two blues, I think holly blues; as well as others sighted at a distance.

The journey back was relaxed and dry. I walked past the Betjeman Arms, feeling I needed a holiday from drink. One thing of note though was meeting the people behind the organization of THE BEATLES HIDDEN GALLERY. Nice people, and fascinating to listen to.

I got home to discover the dole office home visit I thought was Thursday (today) was Wednesday. I called them today and they seemed ok about it, and they can stop my benefit for less.

Afterwards I worked in gardens; both my own garden and the widow’s, rather the garden next door to the widow; which was abandoned long before the house was; and could easily become a scummer magnet.