It was Iain Burnside’s last Sunday Morning show on Radio 3 today. I have loved this show, and not just because he has read out my comments more than once.I mailed the below:

Dear Iain

For me, your show has been one of my few ‘must listen’ things in, what seems like, an ever deadening weight of formulas and clones radio. I’ll will miss it.

Thanks for the pleasure and provoked thoughts. Hope things have the best balance of rhythm, melody and harmony, with enough dissonance to keep things exciting for you.

Iain read out the last part and the producer mailed back. He may have sent lots of them out, but still a nice touch.

Dear Glyn,

Thank you SO much for this – it’s incredibly kind of you to write in like this, and I have a presenter next door who’s very touched indeed to hear that his work has been enjoyed, and that he’s going to be missed.

Thank you for listening, for taking the trouble to write to us, and all best wishes,

I did very little today, apart from roast a duck and mow the back lawn. The champagne I bought before getting on the coach yesterday went down well; though ma had a huff when I told her off for spoiling the occasion, not so much by telling dad not to drink too much, but by shouting at him when he reacted badly. He always does and he always will, and the fact she had a glass of the stuff inside makes her fly off the handle. Things calmed down quickly, because I did not get involved in a fight, I just told them to be quiet.