Very quick note.

Thursday’s show was, in terms of my own artistic and business management growth, the best yet.

I did the most singing; had the most sympathetic musician (TC) who is the first one where we both agree we could develop a show together; I performed well; and the audience was extremely positive. Special mentions to Alison and the lovely Bev.

In terms of business growth that was because of the way I did not getr upset about things not done or attended to. I did not get at all wound up (apart from Tuesday night). I know I can not do everything, Bev forcibly agreed; but I need to find better ways of making sure that things are done.

The fact I was not stressed at the show means I can make much better judgment than even the recent past. Had a three way meeting with Roger the day after to return the projector, and it was good to have a person who has seen me at my most stressed after a show, and one who has only seen me at my least stressed after a show.

Did a little bit of gardening this morning in the sun.