By the time I got ‘home’ Ma was in bed but dad was still up watching the snooker. She got up to describe the food available in minute detail, but did go back to bed. They seem O.K. but I need to see them through a day.

The journey down was by Megabus. I crossed Mayo Avenue to tell two young mothers that they were stood at the wrong stop. I cannot be sure that the coach would not have picked them up anyway when it went back down to the M606, and Megabus’ website clearly shows the side they were stood at, but being certain of getting on the coach because I told them is better than the chance of missing it.

It is the best time of spring. Wild primroses are out, as are the intense yellow of the gorse, and both cherry and hawthorn are in bloom, and so are the damsons at my parents, with the apple’s blossom just emerging. Best of all: lots of different of the deciduous tress are setting leaf; but not all; so bare are mixed with delicate pontils of light or bright green. All this seen from the coach (the train from East Midlands had very dirty windows).

Curry Note Went to the Karachi for a curry yesterday. I eat so rarely in curry houses now I am hardly a judge, but I would say it was a basic and sound Bradford curry; and had a salad starter (though with no mint and white cabbage instead of onion) and good chapatties; and the cost for two starters and mains was just over £13, so still incredible value.