Yesterday I was more stressed than I had been for months, or more. Today I am right chilled. On the other hand the fuse on my freezer blew. Lucky I had an ice cream just after it stopped; though eating the rest of the ice creams before they dripped out may explain some of the below; even allowing for the extra insulin.

It might be physical, or psychological (that’s the first time I have spelled psychological right first time! And I nearly got it wrong in this clause.). When I finished the slideshow a massive weight lifted, and Roger’s willingness to help meant I did not have to travel to Keighley at a nightmare time. On the other hand I discovered the rearranged Restart (hitting the engine with a hammer to give bureaucrats a wage) interview at the Jobcentre (see above) was booked for next Tuesday, a day I had fixed to see someone who might get me a paid performance. Fixed up the interview for another day, then got a letter telling me the Dole Gastapo visit would be on that day. Ho-hum.

Did a BCB drive time interview at 17.45 (no idea if it is on listen again). A fine couple of minutes, but I had to talk whilst the presenter who knew me left the room, and the other was fine, but a bit like women I talk at on a bus. I will try and remember to ask who heard it tomorrow; but for all the stress working around the interview caused I doubt it will prove to be pay dirt.

Went to TC’s house to sort msic. I tell you what, tomorrow’s show will be a unique, once in a life time show; even more so than the average, or the unaverage for my shows I suppose. I think I will enjoy it, and pleasure is almost as infectious as misery