Working back through time, but definitely not importance. The critical stuff will be at the end.

Just sprayed fixative on the banner I have painted for the St George’s Eve Show

Before that I was in Rafters. The bad news is that it is shutting. Leaving two pubs on Little Horton Lane. There were, I think, ten or more when I moved here in 88.

I talked to lots of nice people from my past. Richard Graham (a man I did a birthday card for, which was my drawing of a Graham tartan, that was a learning experience!), I also talked to Gabriella, who was a bright ginger girl I taught at St. Joseph’s Primary School. She is less ginger, but her boyfriend was very keen to come to the Great British Redhead Festival (I suspect he will not be allowed to come on his own).

Before that I did more debt counselling. I am helping, more with use of english than with the English legal system, and I do not mind that my reward may be in heaven, I am making a postive contribution of happiness (though probably not to the bloke who owes hundreds of quid).

Before that I met Sam for another working breakfast, though in Wheterspoons this time. The breakfast in the Acropolis is better, much better, but it is almost two quid more expensive, and Weatherspoons’ certainly fills you up.

We sorted out a lot of important stuff about my next two shows, but they are both now less than certain.

Important news I got a call from Basil telling me that dad has suspected kidney failure. Things needed to change at my parents. Whether they need to change as drastically as Basil fears depends on confirmed medical news, and the resulting discussions. I doubt that things will remain the same. Whether the centre holds, or things fall apart, is beyond seeing, but whatever happens this may be a blog that marks a shift in the wind.